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                                                Our Center: The Basics

  Childcare? Daycare? Preschool?
One question we often hear is, "Are you a daycare or
a preschool?"  That's a great question and the answer is we
are a little of everything in a way that, we hope, creates an ideal
setting for children and families.  We now serve children from 0

 through 6 years and strive to offer hours and
schedules consistent with most day care centers for the flexibility that

many families need.  Similarly we have nap time and do not require

children to be potty trained.  When it comes to our program, though, we are incredibly mindful of the learning experience that children should have while in our care.  To learn more about why "preschool" most accurately reflects our education program, visit our Education page.


     We are located at 350 Double Tree Lane, Grafton, WI 53024 and are right next to the Family Farm.  Given our location a minute away from the I-43 Cedarburg exit, we are glad to be easily accessible for all.

                                                                                        Hours of operation
                                                                                                               We are open from 7:30am until 4:30pm, Monday                                                                                                           through Friday, weekly. 



                                                                                       Available Schedules 
                                                                                       Families will select a fixed schedule upon                                                                                                                            enrollment.  Schedules may be 1 through 5 days.  Upon                                                                                                           enrollment, families will communicate to us the number                                                                                                         of days and times for drop off and pick up on those days.  All schedules including days and times are subject to availability. Beyond the fixed schedule, we may be able to accommodate an added day here and there, again depending on availability. Enrolled families are welcome to contact the Director for assistance with one-off schedule changes.

  Meals and Snacks  
     New Frontiers does provide two healthy snacks per day, one morning

snack (breakfast) and one snack after nap time.  

     Menus will be planned one month in advance, sent home along with the

 monthly newsletter,  and posted on the Parent Resource board in our

entry hall.  

     Lunches do need to be sent from home daily and each class has a

refrigerator, microwave, and toaster to help store and heat meals. 


     New Frontiers provides 1% milk for 2+ year old students and Whole

milk for toddlers with all meals and snacks. 

     New Frontiers is a peanut and tree nut free facility.  

  Potty training
     Students do not need to be potty trained to attend New Frontiers!  New Frontiers understands that every child's and family's journey through potty training is unique and personal and we will do whatever we can to work with families to make the experience successful for all.  

                                                                                    Please inquire via phone, email, or use the                                                                                       contact page of this website for this year's weekly tution rates.


                                                                                    Enrollment is completed by filling out our Enrollment package of                                                                                         forms which is available via email or hard copy at the center and                                                                                             submitting these forms along with a $50 one-time enrollment fee                                                                                       plus the first two weeks of tuition to secure the child's spot at the                                                                                         center. Both payments are non-refundable. 

                                                                          GreenGuard Conscious 

                                                                                 For the well-being of our children, we have made deliberate decisions                                                                                  about the construction and design of our school.  We are very proud to have GreenGuard certified furniture, flooring, sleeping cots, and various other pieces of equipment and we strive to continuously make choices that support the health and safety of our students.


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