How can I schedule a tour?
                                                                                                         The best way to learn even more about New                                                                                                                              Frontiers is to come visit!  There is no obligation                                                                                                                  associated with coming in for a tour; we just                                                                                                                       appreciate the opportunity to share our center                                                                                                                   with you.  Call 262-662-6088, email                                                                                                                         , or use the contact form                                                                                                               on this website to schedule your tour today!
I am ready to Register! How do I get started?
       The following documents are for your information and reference: 
New Frontiers Parent Policy Handbook - please inquire and we will gladly send you this document
New Frontiers' "Toilet Learning" Principles and Policies
State Guide to Selecting Licensed Child Care
Health Department Guidelines for Meals Sent from Home
       The following documents constitute New Frontiers' Registration package and should be returned to the center along with a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 and the first two weeks' tuition to secure a child's spot at the center:
Registration and Enrollment Checklist
New Frontiers Registration Agreement
DCF Child Care Enrollment form
On-Site Field Trip: Nature Playground permission form
Tuition Express Authorization form
       The following documents constitute New Frontiers' Enrollment package and should be returned to the center on or before the child's first day of attendance.  The Immunization Chart may be returned to the center within 30 days of the first day of attendance.
Health History and Emergency Care Plan 
Emergency Contact Card
Authorization to Administer Medication 
Child (2+) Information form
Toddler Intake form
Child Health Report
Immunization Chart
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