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                                                                      What Parents are Saying:

     "Recently switched my daughter to New Frontiers and we both could not be happier. She has learned so much in the last few weeks and the teachers and director made the transition so easy. My daughter loves to go to school in the morning and I can go to work knowing she's in the best care possible."

     "Such a wonderful and nurturing learning environment! My son is two and attends two days a week. He really loves going to school! The teachers are kind, caring, patient, and provide best practice in their classrooms. My son has had so many learning opportunities (academic and socially) from field trips to the farm next door, hikes on the nature trail, a visiting PE teacher, banging a gong in music class, painting, learning to make transitions, sitting for story time, and sharing with others. We are so lucky to have this preschool in Grafton!"


     "We recently moved to the area and enrolled our young kids in at New Frontiers Preschool. So far, we are very pleased w/ the facility, teachers, and center director. Our kids seem to really enjoy the fun and enriching environment, and they have already learned so much in the short time since they've started.  What first sold me was the cleanliness and spaciousness of the classrooms, extracurricular areas, as well as the safe outdoor space and nature trail; once our children started attending, the staff made it even better. Additionally, the director is very attentive and really cares about the needs of the families at the center. We feel very fortunate to have found New Frontiers."

     "My daughter absolutely loves New Frontiers. She wakes up happy and excited to go to "school".  The environment is new and inviting; the teachers are kind, engaging and interactive; the director is extremely patient, loving, and passionate. They challenge, teach, and sincerely care for my daughter and I couldn't be more impressed. Even if I didn't work full-time, I could never give my daughter the endless educational and social opportunities to do all the things New Frontiers offers."



                                                                    Our Story

         For most children in child care, time spent outside of the home and in a care facility is equivalent to, if not more than, time spent at a full time job.  With this amount of time available for learning, growing, and fun, all parents want to make the best child care choice for their little ones. When my own first child was born, my husband and I began to search for an educational establishment that embraced the values and goals we had for our son.  We needed a place with large, warm classrooms bursting with colorful, captivating toys and materials.  We needed a place that would allow my active, curious boy to explore outside and embrace his innate desire to spend time following an inch worm or studying the veins of a delicate leaf.  We needed a place where the staff believed, no matter how young my child was, that we did not have to wait for “real education” and school readiness to begin.  We could not imagine our child, bursting with desire to interact with this fascinating world, simply being passively “babysat” while the time for learning opportunities came and went untapped.

        When my son was a year and a half, our daughter was born and we knew that both of our children, as well as all the peers of their generation, deserved the absolute best and we knew that we could give it to them.  Thus, New Frontiers was born.

        New Frontiers is a family owned business proudly rooted in the same place we grew up, surrounded by our favorite woods and creeks, the neighbors we know and love. We know that the children of our neighborhoods deserve the best: teachers that understand that even the youngest children deserve engaging play and learning experiences, programming that allows a variety of indoor and outdoor exploration time, and a belief that children deserve to spend every day in a joyful, carefree, and safe environment that lets them absolutely blossom.


We can’t wait to welcome you to New Frontiers!

Anna Brennan, Owner

and the New Frontiers Team

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