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We will gladly send you a copy of the full standards document upon request. 

What are the New Frontiers Standards?

The New Frontiers Standards are a set of learning goals and benchmarks.  The set is unique in that it was derived from four separate sources: the WI Model Early Learning Standards, The CDC Developmental Milestones, Fountas and Pinnell’s Continuum of Literacy Learning, and the Common Core.  All four of these                                                                                            sets of standards are research based, reputable, and                                                                                                      widely used and serve to outline typical developmental                                                                                                  milestones.  The benefit of drawing from four sources is a                                                                                            resulting set of learning goals that is far more thorough                                                                                                and clearly outlines a child’s skill development continuum                                                                                            with school-readiness ever in mind.


                                                               What is the goal of the New Frontiers                                                                            Standards?


                                                                                         The goal of the New Frontiers Standards document is to guide academic planning and keep consistent and thorough records of a child’s progress during his/her time at New Frontiers.  Further, this document is intended to give parents an understanding of the learning goals set for their children.  The document will be available in each student’s classroom folder at all times and will be specifically referenced during conference times.


What do the New Frontiers Standards mean for

my child?

     It is the belief and educational philosophy of New Frontiers

that all children develop at their own rate and that all

children can learn.  The New Frontiers Standards are assessed

as “Most of the time”, “Some of the time”, or “Not yet” to

reflect that all children are constantly learning and developing.

  The separation of age groups in the document is present in all

four of the above mentioned standard sources and is reflected

in the New Frontiers Standards to give an idea of typical

developmental periods, however, New Frontiers treats the

Standards document as a seamless continuum, understanding

that children may be working on skills at different levels as they

grow.  The recording of progress on each child’s Standards document allows teachers to individualize and make accommodations to lessons and activities to ensure that all children are constantly working toward gaining new foundational skills.  



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